In 1981, over 50 local physicians banded together to create a Physicians’ Security and Benefit plan. The primary goals were:
Provide affordable health insurance to employees, physicians and their families
Upon the death of a physician, provide insurance for the spouse and children of the physician
Use each others’ premium dollars to pay claims for those physicians and their family members who had serious medical conditions
To provide a premium-rating schedule that did not discriminate against those physicians and their employees who had incurred large medical claims
Avoid implementing “gatekeeper” type “managed care” features
Promote access to virtually all providers in and out of the state
Establish a stable alternative to those carriers who often abandon the insurance marketplace

Summaries of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) - 2020 Plan Year

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The "Plan" continues to provide comprehensive coverage for our eligible employer physicians, their employees, and family members. We are proud to have been one of the Plan’s "Trustees".



Edmund T. Strickland, MD
Henry Harrell, Jr., MD
Samuel L. Renfroe, MD
Charles E. Jordan, MD
William E. Chambers, MD

Richard B. VanEldik, MD
Charles E. Jordan, MD*
Christopher Grainger, MD* 
Manny Rodriguez, MD
Michael L. Patete, MD
Alan Pillersdorf, MD
Michael Wasylik, MD
Peter Marzek, MD
Jon Ward, MD

Pavan Anand, MD
Sunil Joshi, MD
Edward Farrior, MD


David Lammermeier, MD
David McFaddin, MD
Daniel Robertson, MD
Jose Gaudier, MD
Chander Samy, MD
Thomas J. Fuller, MD

Douglas R. Murphy, MD
Lance Trigg, MD
Stephen E. Fischer, MD
Karl Altenburger, MD*
David J. Kaler, MD

Mark Yap, MD
Richard A. Smith, MD
Joseph C. Webster, MD
Norman H. Anderson, MD
Gary M. Wright, MD
Henry Harrell, Jr., MD
James H. Rogers, MD
Melvin Seek, MD
David Willis, MD
Luis Carrascosa, MD
Neal P. Dunn, MD

Rolando Prieto, MD
James McLaughlin, MD

William A. Trice, MD
David S. Whittaker, MD

John P. Nardandrea, MD
Jay J. Rubin, MD
Ravi Chandra, MD
Edward King, MD
Frank Cannon, MD
George Stewart, MD

*Appointed Trustee
Bays County Medical Society