2020 Plan Year

Beginning with plan years on or after September 23, 2012, employers offering health insurance coverage are required to provide a standard Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) to their employees. The purpose of the SBC is to provide employers and employees with standard information so they can more easily compare plans and make an informed choice about coverage plan options.
It is the responsibility of each employer to distribute the appropriate SBC for the benefit plans offered to employees as described below.  For most employers, the first time an SBC needs to be distributed is after the first enrollment period following September 23, 2012. 
1. Upon application
2. By first day of coverage (if there are any changes after application)
3. Special enrollees
4. Upon renewal
5. Upon request
Dependents should also receive a copy of the SBC if they have a different address than the employee. 

This is only a summary of the requirements.  For more information or questions on how Florida Blue is handling the requirement, please call 1-800-352-2583 or 1-800-622-9124.

Employee Plans:
Plan B - Blue Options 3359
Plan C - Blue Options 3559
Plan G - Blue Options 3160
Plan G - (Family Coverage) Blue Options 3161
Plan H - Blue Options 5190
Plan H - (Family Coverage) Blue Options 5191
Plan I - Blue Options 5302
Plan L- Blue Options 54
Plan M - Blue Options 128
Plan M- (Family Coverage) Blue Options 129
Physician Plans:
Plan D - Blue Options 5902
Plan E - Blue Options 3769
Plan F - Blue Options 5192
Plan F (HSA) - (Family Coverage) Blue Options 5193
Plan K - Blue Options 5180
Plan K - (Family Coverage) Blue Options 5181